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Solid State Disks Ltd


Solid State Disks Ltd (SSD) - The Industrial Division of the Reactive Group deliver innovative system solutions to defence, commercial and industrial customers worldwide. SSD specialises in the design, development and integration of advanced storage systems.

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Solid State Disks Ltd (SSDL) - The advanced storage systems design, development and integration specialist launched the CF2SCSI drive which solves the growing and increasingly expensive problem of repairing or replacing ageing and failing SCSI-based hard disk...

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Arraid LLC (Arizona, USA) - Arraid manufacturers solid state Flashtape and Flashdisk solutions for computer systems by Bull, DEC, Encore, Honeywell, HP, Evans and Sutherland, Pertec, SMD, HISI, HPIB, MAC, OMTI, XMD and many more. Arraid utilizes proprietary FPGA based technology...

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Reactive Groups Solid State Disks UK Ltd (SSDL) are at the IIOM Annual Exhibition and Conference, Bristol - 21 & 22nd June 2017

Reactive Groups Solid State Disks UK Ltd (SSDL) are at the IIOM Annual Exhibition and Conference in Bristol on the 21 & 22nd June 2017

Reactive Group acquires Arraid, a US-based legacy data storage specialist, and revamps products using solid state technology

Reading, UK– 15th June 2017. Reactive Group, a leading independent company specialising in the design, manufacture, sales and support of data storage and networking products, has acquired Arraid Inc., based in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. Arraid is a manufacturer of replacement data storage solutions for ageing disk, tape and floppy drives on legacy computer systems and its acquisition is a natural extension of Reactive Group’s specialist engineering heritage in prolonging the life of legacy computer systems.

SSDL Exhibiting at DPRTE 2017

- News Release March 2017 -

We will be exhibiting at DPRTE on the 28th March at Motor Point Arena, Cardiff.

This annual event brings together the defence procurement and supply chain community under one roof.

Please do come and visit us on Stand 112 to discuss your industrial memory and storage requirements.

DPRTE 2017 Exhibition website link here

SCSI Flash Tape launch coverage in EEtimes

EETimes "Flash Extends Life of Magnetic Tape Machines"

TORONTO — 4th October 2016, Despite the advent of cloud computing and dropping prices for both spinning disk and flash for enterprise storage, magnetic tape storage technology remains a mainstay of many industries, and financially, it still doesn't make sense to replace those systems when they can no longer replace the tape.

Launch of SCSI Flash Tape provides solid state replacement for obsolete and end-of-life tape drives

Reading, UK – 14th September 2016. Solid State Disks Ltd, the advanced storage systems design, development and integration specialist, has launched SCSI Flash Tape which provides a CompactFlash-based, solid state replacement for traditional SCSI-based, electro-mechanical tape drives on legacy computer-based systems that are either obsolete or nearing the end of their life. SCSIFlash-Tape provides a drop-in replacement for the popular DDS DAT, DLT and QIC tape drives on a variety of host systems.


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